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The staff of csONE Benefit Solutions has been meeting the COBRA compliance administration needs of employers since 1987. Their COBRA compliance administration services include:

  • Notification by USPS mail to COBRA eligible beneficiaries.
  • Monthly billing of those beneficiaries who choose to continue their health, dental and/or vision benefits under COBRA.
  • Collection of premiums and remittance to insurance carriers.
  • Retiree billing available. csONE bills retirees for insurance premiums on a monthly basis, collects premiums and reimburses the employer.
  • Complete and professional COBRA compliance information. Importantly, all COBRA compliance administration services are offered at reasonable and competitive fees.
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COBRA Compliance Administration

What is COBRA

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a Federal law enacted in April 1986. COBRA requires that employers of twenty or more employees provide temporary health care coverage for employees and their eligible dependents after the occurrence of a qualifying event, such as termination of employment; reduction in work hours; divorce or legal separation; entitlement to Medicare benefits; death; or a dependent child ceasing to qualify as a dependent.
It is the employer's responsibility to provide accurate information to its employees about the availability of COBRA benefits. COBRA can be burdensome for employers to administer themselves. The rules and regulations of COBRA are complicated and, as Congress passes new legislation, they continue to change. The penalties against employers for noncompliance can be severe and expensive. Your benefit administrator needs to be experienced with the program requirements to limit your risk.

csONE Benefit Solutions Can Help

Employers with twenty or more employees (on average) are required to offer temporary insurance coverage to employees and/or their eligible dependents with the occurrence of a qualifying event.
It is the employer's responsibility to provide accurate information to its employees about COBRA benefits which can be difficult to keep up with. However, not meeting Federal Guidelines requirements can lead to costly penalties.
csONE Benefit Solutions has been providing COBRA Compliance Administrative Services to employers since 1987. By contracting with csONE Benefit Solutions, employers can cut down on this administrative burden and be confident that the Federal guidelines of COBRA administration are met.

Click the link below to see which responsibilities remain with the employer and which csONE Benefit Solutions can be expected to administer with an agreement in place.

Breakdown of Responsibilities

Employer and csONE Benefit Soltuions

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