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  • Full Enrollment Support
  • Announcement Letters: Personalized letters are crafted to inform employees of the upcoming enrollment meetings and of the benefits being offered.
  • Customized Educational Materials: All benefits are consolidated into concise, easy-to-read summaries. Materials include plan options and costs that are specific to each employee.
  • Group Meetings: Meetings are designed to review the benefits offered in a group setting and to answer any employee questions.
  • One-to-One Benefit Consultations: Our Employee Benefits Consultants will meet with each eligible employee to review their options and answer any questions. The consultant will then assist in the enrollment process.
  • Human Resources Assistance: We can act as an extension of the HR Department to obtain emergency contact information, updated beneficiary forms and ensure ACA forms are completed.
  • Ongoing Service
  • Billing Support: The assigned consultant provides initial payroll deduction reporting and works with the carriers to ensure billing accuracy and assistance as needed.
  • Claims Support: A Representative is available to assist employees with claims issues as they arise.
  • Annual Enrollments: Each year, the Employee Benefits Consultant will work with the employer and producer to schedule an annual enrollment. This gives all eligible employees the opportunity to meet with a benefits consultant annually to review their benefits.

What we provide...

csONE Benefit Solutions is here to support producers and their clients through the enrollment process. We offer a complete and comprehensive enrollment service that is custom designed to meet the needs of the employer to ensure that employees fully understand the benefits being offered to them.

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Benantonio Forgione, GBDS
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Employee Benefits Consultant

Following the initial enrollment, an Employee Benefits Consultant is assigned to the account. Our enrollment solution places a high priority on continued service.
Our Employee Benefits Consultants are:

Gretchen Johnson
Phone: 1 603 227-2018