Reviews from our clients

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Thank each of you for the hard work for our mutual client….This VB transition was well thought out and well executed and I really appreciate your hard work over a period of weeks and months.  A lot goes into a carrier change, especially when it involves one on one education and this team made it as seamless as possible.
Kristen - Benefits Broker
I want you to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided.  On a day that you were scheduled to be out of work, you took my call to your cell phone regarding a distraught employee who realized she had been scammed and compromised her csONE debit card. You had the card cancelled within 5 minutes! Outstanding customer service once again. Many thanks!
Maura S. - Benefit Specialist

I really appreciate help that csONE has provided us.  I just shared at a staff meeting how helpful everyone has been, and how easy it has been to communicate with everyone!

Thanks again!

Lisa C. - Manager

You provide us, and all our employee’s with such great service.  Thank you so much!

Missy P. - Benefits Coordinator
Wow, time flies when you are having fun. Seriously, this has been a wonderful transition for us and really appreciate all you have done to to turn a difficult situation into a positive one.
Gibson S. - Manager
I am writing this note in support of csONE, our Third Party Administrator of FSA, HRA, HSA and Dependent Care accounts. Lisa Ouellette and her team work extremely hard to meet all of our needs. This work started from the beginning during the very short enrollment date we had, and it continues through to our employees as the end users. The team has come to many District meetings to assist employees with paperwork and also education of how their benefits work. For every question or concern, they have followed through with us to assure our plans were implemented as designed with minimal impact to our employees. I can’t speak highly enough of their customer service to employees as well. Lisa and her team are extremely responsive (less than ½ hour) with either an email or returned phone call with answers and if research is needed, it is done and communicated back extremely fast. They have gone far above and beyond to assist employees who have extremely complicated situations even going as far as calling a vendor and staying late at the office to work through those issues. I would absolutely recommend csONE as a TPA for any District or employer. Having gone through a full year of working with a TPA that was unable to do the job successfully, csONE has been a true breath of fresh air and relief to the District as well as all our employees.
Amadee D. - District Manager
Our thanks to you and your crew for all the amazing work being done to get us up and running on short notice! It is very much appreciated.
Lisa C. - Manager
csONE service and competency is the best I have worked with. They are worth double the price paid to any other HRA provider. In my career, I have had to fire two other HRA providers mid-term for incompetency and csONE came to the rescue. With minimal stress they straightened out the past errors and made the process painless. I have one client who is offered free HRA services from an insurer and they insisted they stay with csONE.
Mike K. - Broker
csONE is absolutely the best to work with! Great customer service. Kudos to your team.
Mardie W. - HR Manager